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Information you need to start your own Gum Removal Business with a Gumblaster

The Gumblaster is the most widely commercially available Gum Removal system that can be used effectively in the streets without disruption to members of the public, and without restricting access. The highly mobile dry steam based gum removal technology saves water and uses only a small amount of biodegradable chemical. Chewing gum is delaminated from the surface and dissolved. Gumblaster Gum Removal equipment can also be used on carpets, rugs, and furniture. Dry steam easily removes posters again saving water and is also effective against graffiti. Chewing gum pollution is a major problem in most cities and towns world wide, especially in public places where discarded gum disfigures many civic areas. (see list) The authorities responsible for keeping public places clean have been fighting a loosing battle at high cost to keep on top of the gum removal problem. The Gumblaster Gum Removal system is the answer to the problem and for the first time provides a realistic alternative to fight against pollution. The especially developed Gumblaster technique can be used on almost every surface, not only on asphalt, concrete, paving stones and natural stone, but also internally on carpets and mats etc.

Since starting in the United States we have had a phenomenal response from the local authorities, private sector and the public.

Having already carried out work in a vast number of towns and cities across the country and demonstrated the Gum Removal system in almost all corners of United States, the media coverage achieved in Television, Radio and Press has ensured that Gumblaster Gum Removal is now the number one service provider for chewing gum removal. You will benefit as well as from all the technology and expertise available within our organization, from a well designed marketing package.

Contact us to start your Gum Removal Business today at 1-877-824-7763!

5 Steps to start your Gum Removal Business

Start your own Gum Removal Business today! Chewing gum problems? Fly posters? Graffiti? Gumblaster gets them all!

Step #1 Identify if your local town or city has a gum removal problem. Browse your local stores, malls, restaurants and management firms on the lookout for gum.

Step #2 If there is a problem, speak to the people responsible for maintaining the property. With many small businesses the owner is your contact but with many larger businesses like strip malls, shopping malls, movie theaters and stadiums you need to contact the property management company. Step #3 Now you need the right gum removal equipment to remove the gum, that's where we come in. We can walk you through the gum removal process as well as tell you how to operate your gum removal equipment. Many customers will visit us for an onsite demo at our location. Step #4 Familiarize yourself with your new gum removal equipment. Do a few small jobs first for free for your local school or church. The best way to learn is hands on. Step #5 Start selling your new gum removal service!

Gum Removal Business - Equipment

From airports to zoos, Osprey Deep Clean North America Gum Removal cleaning equipment is eliminating gum pollution both indoors and out in locations such as:

The Problem:

Chewing gum is everywhere! Look at the sidewalks, those black spots are chewing gum. Have you ever tried to remove them? Traditional methods are not effective. High pressure (power washing) is the more common method used in attempting this type of Gum Removal. There are inherent problems with this method. Due to the nature of the process, it is loud, uses up to 8,000 gallons of water a day, erodes the surface of the sidewalk or other surfaces due to the high pressure and is typically used in the evening hours when customers or pedestrians are gone. This is typical because of the noise and large amounts of water used. In most cases, it does not remove the gum! Other typical methods of Gum Removal include scraping, use of harsh chemicals and freezing/scraping. These also have little success. These methods of Gum Removal may be used outside, but what about inside? Many businesses have gum on carpets, furniture and walls. The processes mentioned above for Gum Removal do not lend themselves to be used indoors. More challenges for business owners, cleaning companies and building owners alike.

The Solution: DOMAN Dominator Gumblaster - Gum Removal cleaning equipment

Imagine cleaning equipment that can remove all kinds of chewing gum from virtually any surface, efficiently, affordable and without disrupting normal business operations. While it devours gum indoors and out, our patented equipment is gentle to surfaces and safe for the environment. Our Gumblaster, for example, is specially engineered to produce steam at high temperatures with low pressure, using only four to eight gallons of water a day. Gumblaster Gum Removal proprietary cleaning agent, developed by our chemists in Holland, is a neutral chemical with a pH balance of 7.0. It is extremely effective yet completely non-toxic. The small brush at the end of the Gum Removal cleaning wand works carefully with the steam and cleaning agent to disintegrate gum in seconds. The operator exerts only minimum pressure and uses different brushes depending on the surface to be cleaned. The gum is heated to 300 degrees with 96% dry steam, our special Gum Removal cleaning agent is mixed with the steam through the wand and the operator finishes the job with slight pressure. You will never need to get on your knees or have a sore back from wrestling with high pressure hoses again for your Gum Removal! Why do so many contractors, businesses & institutions use Osprey Deep Clean North America Gum Removal cleaning equipment? The bottom line is that our patented gum removal equipment out-performs the traditional methods of scraping, harsh chemicals and power washing. We do this without disrupting day-to-day business operations. Also works on graffiti.

Dominator Gumblaster Concentrate Gum removal chemical for use with the Gumblaster equipment
Our Price: $196.12
Gumblaster Concentrate Gum removal chemical for use with the Gumblaster equipment
Gumblaster Concentrate Gum removal chemical for use with the Gumblaster equipment   Click here to order Chemical for Gumblasters
Gum Blaster – gum removal machine
List Price: $8,900.00
Our Price: $7,300.00
Sale Price: $6,900.00
You save $2,000.00!

Gum Blaster - gum removal machine
This is our newest and most effective gum removal machine to date, the Gum Blaster gum removal machine is a compact machine for general purpose cleaning and gum removal. It does everything you could expect from a steam & vacuum cleaner. The Gum Blaster gum removal machine offers excellent steam quality, stable pressure, easy accessibility and a vast choice of professional accessories. With its powerful 130 PSI the Gum Blaster gum removal machine will get every job done that can be taken on with a 120V~ 15Amp machine! Considered as the reference machine for our competitors in the compact professional sector!  Built to last and to work non-stop, this machine enables you to work hours on end tackling chewing gum pollution Click here to order Chemical for Gumblasters

Gum Removal video from FOX News Philadelphia.
Gum Removal video from Philadelphia

Gum Removal video from Dirty Jobs.

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